You can redeem your ANZ Business Reward Points automatically for Qantas Points by setting up an Auto-redemption.

Set up an Auto-Redemption so your entire accumulated monthly ANZ Business Reward Points balance will automatically transfer into Qantas Points. Once this is set up, we will automatically transfer the maximum number of available ANZ Business Reward Points each month into Qantas Points. This monthly Auto-Redemption transfer of ANZ Business Reward Points will commence the next calendar day from the date of set-up, and then run monthly thereafter.

Redeem in multiples of 2 Reward Points for 1 Qantas Point.

To set up an Auto-redemption go to "Shop", select a reward and click "Set up Auto-redemption" and follow the prompts.

You may also choose to allow your Reward Points to accumulate and redeem them at your convenience. To change or cancel future Auto-redemption options visit and go to "Manage My Account". If an Auto-redemption had been processed, any changes made to Auto-redemption preferences will only be applicable for future redemptions.